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Sport. The word defines an athletic activity requiring skill or physical demand. An
aspect of where a person trains, or who they train with could make the difference
between winning or losing, and an aspect of if being in a team sport is harder than being
in an individual sport. All this related to one word, sport. Hockey, Soccer, Track,
Swimming, Figure Skating all are sports that are very well populated.   Hockey for
example, demands skill and physical ability, while also needing mental strength. Track,
also needs skill and physical ability, but demands even more mental strength.
Team sport. A sport that involves competition between teams of players, and
includes any sport which involves players working together towards a shared objective.
Individual sport. A sport in which he/she competes as an individual. Both sides of sport
demand a lot of skill and physical strength, but they both do not demand the same
amount of mental strength. While being a part of a team, he/she has other people to rely
on if he/she makes a mistake. They have his/her back to help him/her correct it and
move on. While being a part of an individual sport, he/she has him/herself to rely on
after making a mistake. Imagine she is at her biggest figure skating competition of the
season, and she is just about to step on the ice. She has all the confidence in the world
in her training and in herself. She is half way through her program and she falls on a
jump that is very consistent. Suddenly she questions everything and her confidence
shatters. If she had been a part of a team, maybe her confidence wouldn’t have gone
down so much because she would have had people to back her up. But because she
was by herself, everything changes.
She was being judged. This is not a sport that is timed. Most team sports involve
some sort of time period that you have to achieve your goal. Most individual sports
involve some sort of judging, or at least how fast you can...


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