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Recipe for Success

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Title insert
A: WHAAA   .what are you doing ? Do work!!
B: I work here almost everyday, might as well just give me a job here
A:   well fine consider yourself a worker at fay-jie
A: you said you wanted a job here, here it is
B: can I at least be the waiter?
A: NO . you start right now as bus boy, go ask ah suk
Intro: Who has parents that want you to do everything   and expects you to be the FIRST doctor in the family….Not me.   Well my as mom says   “Do do the DRUG and GOTO school”   it shows that I am surely am going to be the first ________
B:man this job sucks…. So where is ah suk?
C:son I see you are finally working here now. Good. Good .. –whispers- don’t tell mom but im proud of you
B: thanks dad -poker face- have you seen ah suk?
C: I have seen that old man around here .. hmm .. check the back storage room
Scene change
B: ah suk? You there?
-ruffling noise in backround-
C: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH …. Look what fate dragged in
B: wait…..what? What do you mean?
C: you don’t know? They only reason you’re working here is to become the PRODIGY!
B: ah suk . I think you have something wrong here. I’m nowhere close to being that. For goodness sake look at me   IM A BUSBOY…no swag
C:   AIIYAH SSTUPID BOY   -wacks head-   I’m here to make you one… what is swag? Swag swag


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