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Dowry Death Law

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Dowry death, at present, is a burning problem of the society. It is increasing day by day owing to prevailing socio - economic fabric and life style in the family. Dowry death has thrown a major challenge to the police personnel, medico legal experts as well as to judicial officers not only to wipe out this social menace but also to penalize the culprits in deterrent manner.
An interesting feature of this crime is that in the majority of the cases of bride - killing, the trouble is created by the female themselves against their own sex. It has been usually found that attitude of the bride's mother is different from that of mother -in -law. For the happiness of her own girl she gives money in form of dowry but in the latter capacity, she attempts to extract the maximum possible dowry and can go to the extent of causing death of the bride if the demands are not met to her satisfaction. In other words, in bride burning cases, crime is normally abetted and even committed by the females themselves.
Dowry death or suicides by married women as a result of their being subjected to cruelty by in - laws and/or husband, constitute a slur on the Hindu Society. More often cruelty emanates from the failure of the parents of the girl to meet the exacting demand for the dowry by the in-laws of the victims, our anxiety on this score has darkened into dread which in turn has dwindled into despair.
The unnatural deaths of newly married young women is hitting the headlines of every newspaper. Hardly a day passed when the newspapers do not report the occurrence of this tragic event. Self burning by females in Hindu community are traditionally sanctioned and glorified as in 'Sati-Pratha' or 'Joher'. But nowadays large number of newly married women are burnt alive by their husbands and / or in-laws or forced by them to choose fire to end their unhappy life, while a few others are killed first and then burned to hide the crime. In majority of these cases dowry is the...


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