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Undoubtly the most fascinating and wonder able thing existing, which cannot be classified as living either non-living, which is the source of basic understanding, of logic and cogency, of intelligence and perception and amazingly of feelings and sensation, is sense.
Sense is a natural understanding of matters which allows specie to appreciate the   judgment of things which they have to deal with in their daily lives. Sense is not only a perception but is a presentiment to the coming dangers. It gives all living creatures the ability to grasp and improvise the happenings. Senses save us from the mental isolation and permit us to communicate with the environment.
Sense is something which cannot be identified specifically. There are many designated types of senses and has many meanings to it. Sense is a fortune for only the living organisms. Humans and animals have many senses in common but differ in some. The most common senses in both the species are Sight, taste, touch, smell, and of hearing. There are other senses like balance and acceleration, pain, time ,sensing gravity and kinesthetic sense. Human do not have all the senses present in them which animals do have, such as, echolocation, electroreception and magnetoception. These vast elements cannot be seen but make up all of creation.
The inner structure of living organisms is built in a specialized way which allows the sense to work. Species have different organs for each sense. Brain is the master
organ associated with all the other organs. All the senses are processed through the brain. We may touch things with our fingers and smell with our noses, but it is only through brain activity that we can make sense of what we touch or smell. The eye is the organ of vision. It absorbs light and forms image on retina whereas brain interprets the image and creates a picture of what we see. In the same way all the senses are caused in this manner through their own particularized method.
The sense of...


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