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Why Political Leaders Work Profile Is Different from There Debate Profile in India?

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Why political leaders work profile is different from there debate profile in India?

The real debate is noticeable to some and unnoticed to many. There are different reasons of joining the politics but the most common reason which is the welfare and development of country and its people is not so common. Every person does not carry the guts to change the country for the good. Most of us are pretty active in giving favors to our self by the use of power we gain in our professional lifestyle. There are very few who utilize there authorized power for the betterment of humanity. We all get afraid by selfless activities as doing well for others will only give us applause.

The lust of materialistic things and unavoidable greed prevents us from taking the right steps for the country. The political system and its working are very dramatic and slow. Things work out only when the politicians wish them to work out. You may hear tons of praises, you my hear the songs of victory, you may listen to the future development plans of the country but there honesty and reality lies no where.

Every politician speaks about the welfare of the country , they say the most beautiful plans that everybody wish to hear and see in the coming future but no matter how much influential our leader is , the implementation of the plans seems doubtful every time.

Its not that every political leader is corrupt , no matter how much corrupt a leader is , he is a human at the end of the day , he too see things , he too notice difficulties of its people but why does he lack in doing something really great for his country.

Well every political minister is influenced by his bosses, he/she may be appointed on any position they are deeply affected and influenced to do something really favorable to there bosses. We always say that the boss is never wrong, so no matter how much genuine and honest our political leader is, honesty and perfection is dramatically affected by the party he is...


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