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Jane Goodall’s “Digging up the Roots” Analysis
When a person loses something meaningful, no matter what it is, they grieve. Goodall introduces this idea in “Digging up the roots” to show that the depth of grief depends on the relationship between the two beings. Physical and spiritual contributions made by each source generate the amount of grief a person feels. Also, Goodall tries to persuade the reader to take her side when it comes to destroying natural rainforests. Her uses of complex concepts, persuading arguments, and strong language are illustrated clearly to her readers in her powerful short essay.
The idea that is most complex within Goodall’s essay is the concept of “digging up the roots,” as the title suggests. The roots represent an empty feeling that is left after someone passes away or something gets removed. In this context, Goodall compares the roots of a once living tree to the feelings one experiences when he or she loses something dear to them.   Another interpretation of “digging up the roots” is how humans are destroying nature, or in this case the Tanzanian forests, with heavy machinery for factories. Since the wildlife is disappearing from the destruction, the natives are forced to dig up roots and scavenge for any signs of food in the desolate Earth.
Moreover, I agree with Goodall when she infers that people should stop destroying the natural world around them and start caring for nature. Goodall mentions how people are the ones who are to be held responsible for destroying nature, or “paradise” as mentioned in the essay. She feels like the outside world can survive without taking down trees and native villages. Also, she feels like the ones who actually cause the destruction do not feel guilty or responsible for doing so. Goodall wants to persuade the reader into helping the cause to save the rainforests. She uses strong persuasive language to describe her views.  
Since companies are destroying nature, the Earth’s natural resources...


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