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Good Cellphones vs Bad Cellphones

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There is no doubt that cellphones has been made for communications     but   for   some others   are been made for   distraction   and opposite to that for   be insulated in their own little world .
Cellphone improve telecommunications quicker, easier may (if used properly) also improve social lives, skills with quick source of entertainment.
And the other hand may cause harm to one's social, school lives if they play phone games all day. for example,   recent studies show it releases some kind of dangerous waves, when u make a call (potential hazard to one's health)
And this can be expensive not all people may be able to buy one, so those that do not have one may be discriminated against.

Fast communication good thing for cellphones lover and likes to be   communicated and be update  
Also they   can get into the web internet at the   same   time (surf net) using 3g service
sms (short message services)also is available   for text massagers   to avoid detail and get to the point
sin some people like me   hate to write last minutes   home work   list on the board   take photo/video has been a blessing   personally .   when a car accident happen   cellphone s can be also very need it   .
no matter   what   color   all depend it   if Portable and easy to use .
message send by sender may be fake   whitch can take   ur attention   unnecessary   waisting ur time and ur curiosity  

on the other   site I love to be impform   but personally   I hate receive call   from strange(unknown caller ) because their have the avantage   of hang of the phone .
another thing once battery is drained out, and makes   harder to communicated   espetially whe u like   in the   basemant and athe reception is to week   and ur   charger too short and   hard to communicate
at school, it can affect our concentration in your study with   people trying ot get a hold on you or just to know you location   espetially when you driving

"Multiple studies have been done (with) conflicting results," Ashton confirmed....


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