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      The residents and the schools in Beach Road are very much upset with the heavy traffic on the road after the new traffic arrangements made by the concerned authorities. Previously, there was one way traffic and now when the road is opened to two way traffic, it has turned the lives of the people into a nightmare. On the other hand a spokesman for the authorities says that the changes have been made to improve the traffic flow. The authorities have paid no attention on the protests of the people and assume that all the complaints would die with the passage of time. However, the Beach Road Residents Association will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and find out ways and means to press for their demands.

Questions and answers:

Q.1 What changes have been made in the traffic rules on the Beach Road?
Ans. previously, there was one way traffic on the Beach Road. According to the new arrangements the road has now been opened to two way traffic and as such there is now very much rush of the traffic.
Q.2 Why are the people protesting against the new arrangements?
Ans. The people of the area are protesting against the new arrangements because the increase of the traffic on their road has created a lot of problems for them. Now there is more noise, and more pollution, which has made their lives miserable.
Q.3 Are the concerned authorities paying any attention on the demands of the residents of the area? If no, why?
Ans. The authorities concerned are not paying much attention on the demands of the people. They think that with the passage of time the people will become used to and their complaints will die. The other reason is that the authorities do not have enough resources.
Q.4 What are the residents doing to press for their demands?
Ans. The residents are holding emergency meetings and taking out processions to press for their demands.




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