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My Name Is Fear

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The most often given command in the bible is “Do not fear” or “Fear not” or some version therein and yet, how often do we disobey that command and allow fear to grind us to a halt leaving us like a deer in the headlights and letting God’s will go unlived. This is a play called “My Name is fear by Rebecca Wimmer.

“My Name is Fear”
Fear: My name is Fear. I’m a thief. I steal life. I steal confidence. I steal peace.
My name is Fear. And I hate light. I love the dark. But you want to know a
secret that’s not really a secret at all? (Leaning in to the audience as
though ready to share some deep knowledge.) I may feel
powerful…but I’m very weak. I don’t exist if you don’t let me. I don’t
survive if you don’t feed me. I won’t live if you kill me. But you don’t.
My name is Fear and I keep kings from becoming kings. My name is Fear
and I stop willing hearts from doing much of anything. I’ve held back
helping hands. I’ve sent armies marching through lands. I’ve forced you
to sit down and not take a righteous stand. That’s what I do.
My name is Fear. You used to know me as the monster in your closet.
Now you know me as the monster in your every day keeping real living
at bay. You let me own you. You let me control you. You let me slow you
to a ridiculously boring pace. My name is Fear and you all too well know
my face.
My name is Fear. (Taking off nametag and balling it up and tossing it at
the audience.) I need no introduction wherever I go. They know my
name is Fear. I’m welcome here because you say it’s so. My name is Fear.
You have invited me. I know that’s true because, well…otherwise I
wouldn’t be here with you.
But, (leaning in again in secret-telling fashion) you see, I can’t stay if you
don’t let me. I can’t win if you best me. I can be broken if you just break
me. But you don’t.
My name is Fear until you say it isn’t. But you won’t.


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