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Laptop and Pcs

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*compare and contrast laptops and pcs*
Nowadays, Personal Computers and Laptops play a very important role in our modern lives. Although their uses are pretty much the same they have a few dissimilarities; maintenance wise, convenience wise, performance and cost wise.
As it's known to all of us, a desktop computer is very hard to move and it's muddled because of all the cables and wires that require being connected to each other at all times! Nevertheless , the Keyboard, the Mouse and the speakers of the laptop are built-in so it's spared from all the wires which makes it much more easier to deal with, you can carry it wherever you want, move it with you while travelling and it occupies the space of a folded shirt. On the other hand, the personal computer is pretty irritating when it comes to having to deal with that much wires and cables.
When it comes to performance, the desktop computer often has better components that can handle better graphics on whilst the laptop has its limits, it can barely handle hardcore games of high resolutions and so, also the battery is a total bugger , it overheats unlike the personal computer.
Maintenance wise, a personal computer is easy to modify, you can easily choose the best components and put it all together, whereas, the laptop is always sold as a whole. This makes it very hard to fix if it's damaged!
Price is also a very important factor since it's the biggest difference between the laptop and the personal computer. The desktop computer is much cheaper than the laptop even though it's 35% more powerful than the laptop.


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