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Nature - 1

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Nature's Beauty [nature]
Through the trunked woody perennials
On to a striped back burrowing rodent
Gently the air currents blow
Bushy-tail tree dwelling rodent gathering the nuts
Of an oak before the wintering season begins
Vivid image of flourishing blooms
Brought about by falling transparent liquids
As the feathered songsters croons
Fluttering insects move about with rhythm

Buzzing bees are nourishing on nectar
And accumulating the pollen
Encouraging the blooms to grow
Bucked tooth, webbed-footed chips through
Trunks of alders and poplars
Using for food and its abode
Colorful gilled flippers friskily swim 
Along the embankment
Ripples atop the surface of the babbling brook
Brought by hungry scaly swimmers

Glossy black plumage non-migratory
Perched on a wooden limb
Long-eared burrowing rodent hopping 
Through vegetative earth
Prancing through the dense brush
Nature`s love
As time flows we follow along
but the earth defies this law
to be like nature i wish i could
and be in time forever
but as all good should
i`ll eventually fade away
but i will remember the day
i feel in love with nature in every way 
Brian Biggs
naturez power
its a fountain of God's work
picture of the strength of words
so why wouldn't you believe? 
the mouth that speaketh and breathes life 
breeding immeasurable beauty in nature
those sunsets everyone dreams of
the sun looking striking like a golden ball
floating high above in the skies
the crushing waterfalls onto rocks
everything blending in perfectly
from giraffes picking leaves from trees
to lions chasing prey in the bushes
from the bright yellow flower petals
the sweet smell of lilacs and thorny roses
to the monkey jumping form tree to tree
ever tried reaching for the stars
feel the magnificence in their radiance
those bright lights shining a million light years away
i wonder why people fight beauty
keep destroying all it holds
remember that one thing is for sure
you can never...


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