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The Art of Living

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Every man that is born in this world has a desire to five well. The life has various aims for various people. To some life is an empty dream without a motive. They eat and drink and continue, to exist for the sake of living. They have no ideal, no mission for which to struggle and fight. Their ideal is to eat well, to make merry and enjoy the material things of life. Their activities aim at amassing the wealth by hook or by crook and using that wealth for the sake of luxury and comfort and pleasures.
The life is, however, not so easy at present. Even to make money for the sake of comforts and luxuries you have got to work hard and perform the social duty before the society .can. allow one to earn lot of money and amass the wealth. Modern states work under certain principles of social behaviour and do not allow people to go about making money without caring to perform certain duties which are useful to society. A businessman or an industrialist must pay to his labourers well so that the labour does its duty honestly and diligently and enable the enterpriser to make profits from the goods produced. The only easy way of making money is cheating or stealing which have consequences of their own. Law has prescribed imprisonment for the robbers, thieves and the cheats.
Lifers complicated in modern life. It needs to be well planned if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Whether your mission or ideal is materialistic or spiritual you have got to plan. To make life worth living you must work hard towards the object ef your mission. A life without mission is a life lost. A life without planning is a life wasted, Discipline, mission and harti work are imported virtues of a successful man.


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