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Why Did the Barons Rebel Against King John

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Why did the Barons rebel against King John?

The Barons could have rebelled for many different causes, but there is usually one trigger cause which completely tipped it over the edge. To add to that there are also long term and short term causes. Not all causes are of the same importance levels. Some causes happen as a result of another cause and that could completely change things. Some causes may even have unintended consequences that might be significant.
I think that the trigger cause was that John ignored the rules of the Magna Carta.   The Magna Carta was a list of rules that the Barons made for King John to ensure that he would do a good job and be fair in running the country. In the Magna Carta there are various different clauses that the King must follow. It had things like ‘The King had to be a fair judge in court and not base his decisions on whether he was friends with them or not.’ and ‘Widows shouldn’t pay a fine if they wish to remain unmarried.’   The Magna Carta says that even the King must follow the law, and if he doesn’t follow the law then the barons had the power to remove the King from the throne and take away all of his power and replace him with a new King. There is nothing King John can do but sign the Magna Carta, so that is what he does. Then he later abused his chances and completely ignored the rules of the Magna Carta. He also showed that he was selfish and did not care about others. As a result of this he made the barons and people lose faith and trust in him.
Another reason why the barons rebelled is that John quarrelled with the Pope. The Pope was one of the most listened to people in Britain and Europe, therefore by quarrelling with the pope he was also quarrelling with the people. John took away the churches territory; he went so far that in the end the Pope excommunicated King John. This is a short term cause.
A long term cause is that John’s father and brother both taxed the barons heavily. The barons did not like this at...


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