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Change in Warfare from 1845-1945

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Technology had changed the face of combat in World War 1 and ultimately accounted for an unprecedented loss of human life. Infantry warfare had depended upon hand-to-hand combat. World War one introduced many new military weapons and also many old weapons found a new lease of life during this time. World War one popularized the use of the machine gun, capable of bringing down row after row of soldiers from a distance on the battlefield, along with barbed wire and mines movement across open land become difficult and very dangerous. Trench Warfare began in World War one. Introduction of tanks were in 1916 and were used with airplanes and artillery to advance on the front. Chemical warfare was also added to the soldier’s peril. Sea and airborne weapons made killing from a distance more effective as well, new guns were mounted on ships and they were able to strike up to twenty miles inland. The speed and stealth of German submarines gave Germany a considerable advantage in its dominance of the North Sea. Airplanes were technologically crude but they still offered a psychological advantage. World War one was the start of the change in military technology which was the reason for the winning of the war, the weapons from World War one were then developed increasingly and again used in World War two.
A new sword was made in the 1860’s; it was called the Cavalry Saber model 1860. It was used in the American Civil War and it was the superior choice when it came to close quarters combat. In 1836 the first revolving pistol was made, it was called The Colt Revolver. It became a very popular weapon in the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War in 1860. It is said to have revolutionized the battlefield, it was so easy to use it replaced swords and muskets. The Gatling gun was invented in 1861 but by 1876 it had developed and could fire 1,200 rounds per minute, it was used in the Spanish-American War and helped American win many battles. In the 19th century this was...


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