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The introduction part of the presentation was done by Annalise. She started off the presentation with the definition of poltergeists. The rhetoric device used here is the rhetorical definition. She had used the rhetorical definition again in her presentation when she defined spiritualism. Argument by example was also a rhetoric device used by her on several occasions. Annalise, then presented with some common occurrences which involved noises such as knocking, voices and a few other examples that prove the existence of a poltergeist. This is an example of argument from popularity. She also spoke about psychologists and investigator to support her argument which is the use of argument from authority.
        The next part of the presentation was the pros of poltergeists which was presented by Chandler. She started off with an outline and a video. The video was used as an example for the argument. She spoke about the senses and other occurrences such as whispers, electrical control which prove that poltergeists exist. This is again argument from popularity used here. Argument from example was the rhetoric device used by her a few times when she presented with another video and also when she spoke about the Thornton Health Case.
        The last part of the presentation was the cons and it was presented by Jacob. He started off with the argument from authority by using Dr. William’s claims to support his argument. He also presented with an example of the placebo effect. In his presentation he also spoke about his personal opinion and belief which is the use of subjective validation or the personal validation. Some of his claims included argument from example which proved that most of the poltergeists were fraud. He ended the presentation with a rhetoric question and a video.
        I thought the argument was pretty strong as it made me change my views about poltergeists. The arguments were pretty convincing. The presentation style involved a use of few images but...


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