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Effects of Popular Music

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Nashaun Samuel                                                                
Topic #1: Popular music artists and songs
  If you listen to the radio, I know you have heard the song “That’s the motto, we say YOLO”. Even if you are into social media, I’m sure you have seen the phrase.   I am a fan of the song, and can admit it is very catchy. Popular hip hop music influenced in today’s society has been using the phrase “Y.O.L.O.” often.   So much, it almost seems as if the media advertises it. I can’t go anywhere without seeing a commercial poster, t-shirt, hat etc. of the phrase.   I noticed how popular figures have a huge influence on people. With this fun phrase being sold as entertainment, I am concerned with the effects it has on our society especially on our youth.
  The song promotes the motto Y.O.L.O or You Only Live Once, sang by the rapper Drake.   Teens and young adults are at the most impressionable stages of a lifetime, and listen to pop music the most. Followers often imitate these lifestyles and participate in foolish activities to entertain there selves. I don’t believe this is the best motto to live by, especially if you are not a rapper. People are becoming more unrealistic, and making more bad decisions then good ones. I blame 85% on this phrase, and the other 15% on the person who doesn’t use enough common sense. I have witnessed many occasions where people use the term and then decide to do something dumb.
  In some places, crime rate is at an all-time high and I believe music/media is a major influence. There is a new rapper who goes by the name of Chief; 17 years old, who uses the term “bang bang “, which refers to shooting a gun.   Chief has 262,321 followers on twitter, mostly young fans.   Underground artist like him, who are from the streets, reach millions of followers. There songs usually promote violence and drugs. Crime isn’t the only the only increasing rate. There are many more injuries, car accidents, even deaths.


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