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Contamination problems in Ecuador
Ecuador is a beautiful country filled with environmental diversity, thousands of living things. It is amazing here are three regions in such a little space. You have anything you want very close to you, it is truly wonderful. However here as well as in the rest of the world we are suffering the consequences of contamination in our Planet Earth. There are some things that seem little but they can contribute a lot in the attempt to save our planet; the correct use of energy, water, cars.
We can do a lot by using correctly the energy. Did you know that when we use energy we are producing a lot of gases like CO2 that damage our planet? CO2 and other toxic gases are produced every time energy is produced by the use of fossil fuels. So it is very important we think twice before we use energy, we have to be more careful. There are a lot of things we can do to contribute our planet by saving energy, for example never leave lights on when it is not necessary, and also when you are at home only use the lights you really need. Another very easy way to save energy is by unplugging everything you are not using, and only plug it in when you have to use an artifact because, if you don’t know, when something is plugged in it is still producing CO2 at the energy plant. Let’s save energy!
Saving water is very important too, our planet is suffering a lot and water, the most important thing in it is disappearing. Water played the most important role in the appearance of life in this planet, and it is also important to keep life going on. If we are not careful water is going to disappear and this can really mean the end of life. Here in Ecuador as well as in the rest of the world people seem to be careless about water and waste a lot of it. We have to save the planet, there are things you can do to contribute; for example the main way of saving water is by using what you really need, I mean never leave the sink with water running...


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