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Take the Distance

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I've always been one to take the easy way out of any situation, even if it's not the right thing to do. I take the city bus instead of walking two miles into town, I do bullet points even when directions say write in full sentances and when I don't feel like thinking I pull out my smart phone and google it. Until one day when all changed, maybe it fate.

It was another saturday afternoon, finally off from those long long weeks of school. Walking out of my house heading to my car, I notice an elderly man walking slowly on the sidewalk. Knowing the man needed help walking I ignored him and kept walking to my car. The man noticed me and said "Son, can you help me out?". I didn't really want to help him but I did, you know being a good citizen and all.
"Yes sir, I can what do you need?"
"I'm really, very thirsty and have little energy left. Could you walk with me to the diner at the end of the street only about a quarter mile."
"I can get you a glass of water from the house." I said trying to get out of walking the man the short distance.
"Please Boy, only a small walk it is, I just don't want to walk alone in case I fall." pitying the man I walked with him. I was going to see a movie with friends, but since I was already late I would take my time helping the man.

We arrived at the diner, from the walk I already learned the old man's name is Mel, he's 81, a retired construction worker and a veteran. So far he's learned that my name is Jake and I'm 17 and that's about it. I walked him in and as I was walking back he asked me to join him and eat. It wasn't the most exciting invitation but I felt bad if I were to turn it down.

We ate our food and he told me countless stories from childhood, to war stories, being the fasted man to shingle a roof around town and he even gave me some advice about picking up the ladies. After lunch, Mel gained his energy back and was now walking even faster than me. For once in my life I decided to not take the...


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