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Formal English vs. Modern English

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Formal English Vs. Modern English

(Persuasive Speech)

    Modern English has become very grammatically incorrect, what I would call ugly, compared to formal English. Nowadays, people use too much slang when speaking or writing casually; sometimes people will even see it in formal letters, speeches or essays, especially from teens. Is there anyone who does not find it exasperating when listening to someone speak improperly or reading something with too many grammatical errors?

My fellow teenagers, I know writing with slang is a lot shorter and easier to follow when it comes to assignments, but if you think about it, by taking the easy way out you're just lower your own grade. Instead, you could be just taking a little bit more time and effort into your grammar and that will eliminate those little error problems. Doing this will save you a couple points on your grade. Considering it only took you a little bit more of your time and resulting in a better grade, would you not find that more satisfying to yourself?

Proper language is very important factor in life, and I promise you that learning proper English now is going to make your life so much better in the long run. (Logos) Careers are always looking for people with good employability skills; and speaking proper English is one of them. Most careers require you to have good communication with everybody. Employers that are looking to hire new employees look for people who can properly communicate with clients. Don’t even bother applying for it because there’s probably someone out there that knows better communication skills than you do.

During an interview, you want to talk to the interviewer with some good sense of communication. You want to show that person that you have a way with words. You want them to know that you are an intelligent person and you're determined to get that job. (Repetition/Parallelism)

Also, when someone asks your opinion on an important subject, you want to speak with formal...


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