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Woodrow Walrus

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Woodrow the Walrus
                          Where the Chowder At!!!


It looked like a normal day on Walrus Island it was only 30 degrees it was warm today. The youngsters was swimming in the ocean and playing some ice hockey. The Adults was drinking coffee and talking about work the day before.

Ring Ring Ring Ring said Woodrow’s alarm clock as he woke up to get ready to be the best president he could be. After getting ready for work he went down to the Wal-rus Mart to get some clam chowder it was his favorite way to eat clam. And as he was going down the clam isle to get clam chowder he notice quickly that all the selves were empty just bone dry. He could not believe cause just the day before it was full to the rim with food and now nothing.

He went to go talk to the manager but there was a line a mile long of walruses that was just as upset as Woodrow was. As he got to the front of the line the manager said that the supplies had run out and no had come today WHAT! said Woodrow as soon as he heard that bad news he quickly went to the dock to see if the boat that brings the clam was there it was not there as he began to be sad he saw off in the distance a ship and it was being attack by some mean whales

The whale were shaking the ship and swimming into the ship over and over. Woodrow knew he had to help the sailors on board the ship. So he swam as fast as he could the try to stop the whales and when he got out to them he asked them when they are attack the food ship and they said we are hungry Woodrow said well if that is all I will give you some if you just let the ship get to the dock so we can unload the cargo. The whale was glad the he saw where they were coming and said thank you.

After giving the whale some food like Woodrow promised they had a party to celebrate the new found friendship between the Walrus and the Whales. In the end they made some new friends and they were full on eating chowder. And...


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