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CRIJ 4341-01 Fall 2012 “Presentence Investigation Report” (PSI) Instructions
For this assignment, you are a Presentence Investigation Officer (usually a probation officer) writing a Presentence Investigation Report (read Walsh & Stohr Chapter 6). You must use “SafeAssignment” to submit your PSI Report—click on the “SafeAssign-PSI” button. Your report must include detailed information within all of the required PSI sections and must be in the proper format. You will base your PSI Report on the offender that you created (or looked up) and used for your earlier Social History Questionnaire (SHQ) assignment. Actual PSI Reports do not have a cover page, but because this is a class, I want a cover page in front of your PSI Report with your name, the date and the name of the class. The cover page is not included in the total required page count for the report. Due Date: Tuesday November 6, 2012 by midnight (11:59pm) Submit Using: “SafeAssign-PSI” button in Blackboard Grading: 100 points possible, & worth 25% of course grade Chapter 6 of the text covers PSI Reports in detail—be sure to read over this chapter before writing your report! For a sample PSI Report (format, required sections, etc.), see the Walsh & Stohr 5th edition textbook, pages 112-118. **Use the information about your offender from your Social History Questionnaire to help you write this report. Whatever information you do not have access to you can make-up, such as indictment numbers and state offense codes. Just know that if you become a probation officer, you will have access to these codes for your PSI reports. As with your SHQ, for the PSI report you must follow these requirements (see the reasoning outlined in the SHQ instructions): 1) The offender’s last crime (known as the “current offense”) must be classified as a felony (not a misdemeanor). 2) The offender’s last crime must be a Violent Crime (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault). 3) There must be an identifiable victim (they can be dead or...


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