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Where There Is a Will There Is a Way

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Nobody could have even thought of what she had gone through after seeing her cheerfully playing with the children in the playground. But I was just about to tell the world about her achievements.
The sun was rising at the horizon, its warm orange colours warmed me up as I stood there taking in the beauty of life in one deep breath, taking in the scenery of lush lime green fields with colourful flowers scattered throughout making it look like a green carpet with a colourful flowery pattern. I took in the fresh clean sweet smelling air of the countryside. The day had just begun...
I got dressed and set the ball rolling to find my story. I was a journalist and worked for a women’s magazine and I had just stumbled upon a hot story. I had a long tiring day ahead of me and i was all prepared to face it.
I got into the taxi. It was quite spacious and cold due to the air conditioner. I enjoyed the beautiful picturesque scenery on my way to the good lady orphanage. I was completely mesmerized by the beauty of this place it was like heaven I fell in love with it.
I reached my destination and approached my target, my story a beautiful young lady dressed in a cheerful flowered dress enjoying the morning breeze in the garden as she sipped her coffee from the huge mug. She motioned me to sit next to her and offered me some coffee which I diligently accepted. I then began my interview.
“So how did you manage to escape from the cruel witch as you call her” she laughed at me as if I had cracked a joke. Then she started talking “My parents died in an accident and I was left all alone and very vulnerable. That’s when I met Mrs. Granville; she scared me to death at first sight. She was a short plump woman with a hunched back and a long pointed nose and she very much reminded me of the witch in Hansel and Gretel.
She handed me a chocolate and promised me a good life and took me to her house. All through the ride to her place in her rusted brown car the story of Hansel and Gretel...


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