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Genetics and Society - Essay

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Genetics and Society

Natural reproduction is the concept one is most likely to think of when referring to the scientific definition of family. The emerging methods of biotechnology have shown many different perspectives in society regarding a topic in this field. One effective but controversial method include genetic engineering; the process of altering a living or nonliving organisms cell with the goal of choosing or changing specific traits for the purpose of cures and treatments or enhancement. Genetic engineering is a controversial topic in which one may believe it to be unethical/socially unfair or a benefit to the world overall. Genetic engineering is not unethical but a benefit to the world only when limitations are present. It should be used for medical or agricultural purposes only. There is no doubt that this topic in biotechnology can amount to great things, but without limitations it could lead the human race into a future that one may not even be able to picture.
What is ethical and what is “fair” is the ongoing debate that one may never be able to solve. The genetic engineering of humans resulted in an outburst on the question surrounding ethics. Some believe that every fetus has a right to remain genetically unmodified while others believe that parents hold the right to determine what they would like to do with their unborn children. A point made by Molecular Biologist Lee M. Silver, brings forth the idea that wealthy families will design their children with genetic advantages over families who are not as financially stable. Silver also states that since these modifications are hereditary, the wealthy families will pass down these given traits to future generations; leading to an unfair advantage over those who are coming from less wealthy families. Concluding from Silvers prediction, the impact on society will be negative. The diversion between humans will not be determined by ethnic differences but who advances genetically more than the...


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