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Reflection 3

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NSCI 407
10 December 2012
Reflection 3
For Reflection 3, we were supposed to discuss our initial views on our new environment and things that surprised us. At my facility, the Inland Empire Adult Day Care, I was beginning to make friends with individuals and develop a connection. By this time I was able to know the dynamic and the different personalities that existed. The very first week, I could not enjoy myself because I was apprehensive about my new environment and I didn’t know anyone, so I could not really spend meaningful time with anyone. The second week was a little better. I was acclimating to my new environment and trying to understand the duties and my role. I was able to sit down and talk to a few people and interact with them. The third week was much better because I had become a familiar face and they started to call me by name and I was able to remember a few people. The people there really are kind and quickly go became friendly. I was surprised by how easy the transition had been, one week you are a complete stranger and the next you are learning about their family heritage and how they came to Riverside. The seamless transition was not something that I had expected but it made my time a lot more enjoyable. I had also made a few friends with some of the other volunteers, so they helped me and we were able to bond. By that point I had realized that this would culminate into something special. Personally, I felt that each week gave me a new experience which was important and shaped my time there.


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