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Global Warming

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Jimmy Lee Noel
‘How Serious Is the Crisis’
“Talking about pollution, nobody's holy. They, who pollute, sinned against nature.”- Toba Beta
Okay! The earth is getting warmer, what’s the big deal? Let the polar caps melt, who will care? Obviously things have gotten worse and it seems like every day people can care less. Can we blame anyone when preserving the earth is the last thing on the agenda? I remember telling a friend, ‘Forget the earth and focus on our social issues’, then Hurricane Sandy came and washed away the Rockaway Beach and took thousands of homes with it and that made me take a big step back in reevaluate the issue at hand. It is sad that oil companies continue to sell harmful chemicals knowing it is destroying the earth while they make a big profit. I now believe something must be done since the effects are evident now but like everyone else who is aware of the issues; I am not sure I know what I can actually do to fix the problem. In the UTNE Reader article “This Crisis Needs a Movement, “environmentalist Bill Mckibben explains how global warming is becoming a serious issue in our society within the last decade and countries like China, The United States, etc. should try to control the pollution.
McKibben believes we as a people should get outraged and do something about it   like start a reveloution before things get worse.The government isn’t trying hard enough because they can be bought by the companies who help cause these issues. Mckibben writes " the fossil fuel industry is the most profitable enterprise in history, and it has proven more willing to use its financial clout to block political action in the capitals that count." (Pg47) The price of oil is going up by the day and it is causing a lot of financial burden on most Americans, certain people want to use the Keystone Pipeline which starts in Canada and ends in Mexico but McKibben believes that the pipe line was a major mistake because it is burning the tar sands...


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