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Coping and Family Life

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The article “Coping with Increased Uncertainty in the Field of Work and Family Life”, is a German study that attempts to show whether depressive symptoms can be caused by social change and perceived demands both in work and family life.   Many theorists believe trying to change the problem and distancing from unchangeable stressors are primary ways people tend to cope with stressors.   The main effects and interaction models are the two models that associate between coping strategies and subjective well- being.   Also, regarding the main effects model some feel that the problem-focused coping would be more beneficial than emotion-focused coping in regards to the subjective well- being.

      The study that focused on stressors related to social change was comprised of 1,975 German adolescents and adults ranging in age from 16-42.   The individuals were selected from four German states, two located on the western part of the country and two on the eastern.   About 57% of the participants were women.   Some of the stressors identified in the study were searching for a different job, job insecurity and dealing with maintaining a stable intimate relationship.   Older participants, women when compared with men, those that made little money and unmarried when compared to married participants had higher levels of depressive symptoms.   A couple of theories were substantiated by this study.   One theory found that participants who had higher family related demands showed higher levels of depressive symptoms.   Another theory showed more depressive symptoms were associated with lower levels of problem-focused coping and higher levels of distancing.   Also interesting is that a stress-buffering effect of problem-focused coping was found only with regard to family-related stressors but not with work-related stressors.

      In conclusion demands that relate to social change and aids in an increase of uncertainty are associated with impaired psychological well-being but only in few...


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