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Home School vs. Public School

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Home School vs. Public School
There are three popular ways to gain an education: public school, private school, and home school. Out of all three, public school is the most popular. It has many opportunities that are important to teenagers like being social with peers, extracurricular activities, and chances to get out the house. But is public school the only way to experience these opportunities? In my opinion of the three, homeschooling is the best option for gaining an education.   Homeschooling may not be as popular as public school but it has many more advantages than disadvantages. It not only gives a more flexible schedule and provides chances to grow closer as a family; it also had the same advantages as those students in the public school system such as social interaction, extracurricular activities and chances to get out the house.  
Being homeschooled your schedule will be able to work with your day and your family’s, not everyone else’s. You can wake up when it best suits you, if that’s at five in the morning or noon it doesn’t matter. It’s your schedule, if you do better in the evening than in the morning, go ahead and make that when you have class. Everyone works at their own pace and does their best in different environments and times. No one is stopping you from scheduling school the way, you want it. If you want to get ahead in your schooling, do it. If you want to take a week off, go right ahead. Be mindful, though, that education is still necessary in your life, so be responsible in your flexibility and don’t take it for granted.  
In addition to a flexible schedule, homeschooling also gives unique opportunities for your family to grow together. The extra time spent at home can result in the family interacting with each other more frequently than if they were away all day at public school. That means more conversations at the dinner table, and sometimes you and your siblings can share subjects. Spanish, History and P.E. can be fun when you...


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