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Texting or Talking

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Today’s teenagers seem to be constantly on the phone. Based on servery, more than 75percent of teens now own cell phones, and around 72 percent of teens use mobile phones text messages to communicate. By far , text messaging is the most common way that teens talking with each other, which means they are doing a lot more texting than talking.

There are several reasons that teens would choose texting over talking. Some teenagers prefer to choose texting over calling because it gives them more time to craft a message or respond in tough situation. For instance , if there is an argument with a parent or something like that, texting can be easier because you can think about how you want to respond. You are not just like on the spot on the phone when somebody drops some like big news ect. Texting will give you some time.

Granted, some teens simply prefer to text with friends, for clarity that words on the screen can bring,and the removal of the awkward moments found in phone conversations. Especially, for some people are bad at talking on the phone. Like when they text they can just say what they want to say and they do not have to constantly be talking. If they have nothing else to say then they will just stop texting. Whereas on the phone you attempt to just keep on. You always try to make the conversation go longer.

Last but not the least, texting is used in situations when it is prohibited to talk on the cell phone. For example, when teens are at the movies, in the public setting or indeed during the focus groups that held for this project. It can be socially awarded to conduct a voice call. In some cases texting can be a type of advanced note-passing to people who are close by or in the same room.

In summary, texting is an easy way to keep up on with the flow of everyday life. Several teens noted that to call means that it is something that is important. However, if you are simply checking in with on another,texting is an easy way to touch base.


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