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Ahdaf Soueif
Page 371 para 2 & 3
Nostalgia. Pathetic fallacy. Visual imagery. Symbolism. Kinesthetic imagery. Love is fading away, but nostalgia shows that she loves the man a lot. But there’s no inclination to make the relationship work. Woman is embittered and expressing her relationship. Waves touch the sand and flirt   pathetic fallacy for flirting.
NO LINEAR PROGRESSION. She’s rotting from within, she’s lost. If there was love in the air then the whole atmosphere would be lovely. But now that she’s feeling dejected, she sees only that her little world was crashed. Her microcosm doesn’t exist in the macrocosm. She has the emotional connect with her daughter but she’s not sure that her father is like that.
Tiny eruptions: baby moving and kicking around. Mother child bonding. Mother knows there’s life in her, so she’s possessive. Eventual disappointment because when the child is actually born, she has more of a connect with her father rather than the mother. Mother feels bad. Wants to evoke the sadness and sympathy in her self. She’s bonded to her daughter (fetus) and when the baby is born and doesn’t feel connected to the mother, MOMMY FEELS A VOID.
Epitomy of her love for him was that they merged into one. They were one body, and not two different entities. Her level of depression is so high because she loves him to a GREAAAT extent but the husband has left her. With the husband that she’s giving so much love to, later the indifference of the husband and the huge love for the husband and child is used to evoke sympathy for the wife.
Color white of sand, wall, glare, path: void. Blankness. Lack of clarity.
Pg. 372:
“Should have gone”   the minute the dad was showing signs of indifference, she should have run away. Regret. She’s feeling worse because the child anyway loves the father’s side of the family now. She tried to make the marriage work but husband didn’t care. Now she’s solely responsible for herself AND her child.


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