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Kitchen Floor

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Transcribe the extract from CD-ROM Band 6:’Kitchen Floor’. Using this data and relevant theorists from E301, discuss the extent to which language creativity can be identified in everyday conversation in English.

Language creativity can be identified in everyday conversations. Some theorists argue that some uses of spoken language do not just convey information but give a performance, indicating creativity. Utterances and patterning, which can be argued are an element of language creativity, are also identified as part of everyday conversations (Eckert, p.127 Cook, p37 Maybin and Swann, 2006 & Coates CD-ROM Band 5, 2006). The method used in the transcript data ’Kitchen Floor’, (Appendix 1) shows a degree of   detail on the quality of speech used within informal conversation. In order to assess this, informal conversation must be defined. In ‘The Art of Common Talk’, Carter explores the view that random topic switching, overlapping, interruptions, hesitations and false starts may provide evidence of informal conversation (Cook 2004). In addition inventive reformulations, repetitions, intensifying words and expressions are part of the artful use of language in narrative. Some of these features have been categorised by William Labov as either internal or external evaluation features. (Toolan, p.61, Maybin and Swann, 2006). Carter states that it may be more instructive to see literary and creative uses of language existing along a cline. These are distinguished as three main models (Maybin and Swann, 2006:10). He places importance on fully considering social and cultural features as well as the notion of ‘clines of effect’ when investigating creativity in conversation (2004:117). The method used in the transcript data ’Kitchen Floor’, (Appendix 1) shows an informal conversation   highlighting   a socio-cultural context and collaborative ideas interaction type. The transcript shows three female friends engaging in storytelling with specific memories. This concept is...


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