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From the cranial sutures to the rib cage and beyond, surveying x-rays of anatomical parts of the human body has been a keen interest of mine. My anatomy class helped me realize that treating and diagnosing people through medicine would be the field I would implore in. Students in high school would either have a career goal or a so-called "plan" to just land an average job for survival needs.
  Becoming a physician was a strong aim of mine and it still remains as I plan to venture through the field of radiology step-by-step first by attaining the title Radiographer or Radiologic Technician. Planning for this high academic and career goal requires a concentrated mindset towards blissful success which can only branch if funds are available. Therefore receiving this scholarship could give my goal the fuel to disembark. Helping patients through medical imaging denotes the crucial need of Radiologic professionals in healthcare.  
  Attending the job shadow for radiography at St.Vincent’s Hospital helped me to explore the areas of the hospital in which imaging is used to treat patients to get a stronger sense of technique.   Throughout my observation in the job shadowing I found that imaging was the field that could inspire me to advance to the physician’s level.   It could be a sort of leverage and greater insight for becoming a specialist after medical school Inshallah (God willing). Medical school goes through radiologic course material which would be relatively easy if I pursue the A.S degree in Radiography. Planning for the career goal is underway but plans need the fuel and energy to undergo their path so this scholarship could lead the way to funding my path Radiography. A Radiologic Department cannot run without a radiographer assisting the Radiologist therefore I want to be the missing link in the strong demand for imaging professionals.
From the cranial sutures to the rib cage and beyond, surveying x-rays of anatomical parts of the human body has been a keen...


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