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The Doll's House

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The Doll’s House
In the story, “The Doll’s House” there was a lot of class division. The social values presented in the story were very different from what we know, and material possession was a big thinf at that time.
In the story there is a lot of division between the high class and the low class. The higher class were obviously richer; they had better houses, better things, better clothing etc. The difference between the two classes was not only on materialistic things, but there was a lot of difference between the mindset of each party. The high class seemed to think of themselves as very high, superior beings. Their mindset was a lot like “I am richer, therefore better”. Because of this thinking of theirs, they did not get associated with the lower class. They treated them as dirty and filthy beings. Whereas the lower class seemed to have accepted the situation and so they thought of themselves inferior to the higher class. They did not get involved with higher class either. For example, when Kezia invites the Kelvey’s to come and see the doll house, the Kelvey’s are very hesitant about whether to go or not. This was because they knew the difference between them and Kezia. In simple words they main thing valued by everyone, at that time, was money. This sort of thing does not exist in today’s Canadian society and even if it does it occurs very little. In our society, it does not matter who has more money and who has less, we are all given equal opportunities. We cannot judge whether a person is rich or not because we all look the same and there is no big difference between us. The things that we value is not money or clothes. We value politeness and kindness, different cultures and races, to us saying simple words as “thank you” or “please” makes all the difference is the world. Our society is very much different than the society present in the story.
Another thing that is very different in our society, is the concept of “material possession”. In the story...


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