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Influences on the Tragic Flaw the Crucible

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In Aruthur Millers The Crucible, both…… Every day, individuals influence the actions of others in the world as well as how they participate in society. Both Abigail and Elizabeth remind John of his affair, and won’t let him forget it. Abigail reminds him of the affair to try and get him to go back to her. Elizabeth shows us that she is constantly reminding him, because she is always disappointed in him. John reacts differently to both of the women about the affair throughout the play. Proctor denies that the relationship ever happened between Abigail and himself, because he knows that its wrong. John, also tries to win back Elizabeth’s respect because he feels guilty for what he did to her.
The two characters find themselves reminding John Proctor of his affair. Abigail want’s John back, so she reminds him of the affair and the times that they had. “I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near! Or did I dream that? It’s she put me out, you can’t pretend it were you, I saw your face when she put me out, and you loved me then, and you love me now” (21) Abigail is still obviously in love with John Proctor. She can’t help herself but think to remind him of what they did, thinking that maybe he will leave his wife, and go back to her. Abigail is just a selfless person not thinking about others, and always thinking about her and what she wants. She knows that John has a wife, and 3 kids, but that’s still not stopping her on what she plans on doing. Just like Abigail Elizabeth shows John that she won’t forget about the affair, but in another way that Abigail does. Elizabeth is disappointed in John throughout the play, her being disappointed shows Proctor that she is still very upset at him for what he did to her. “He gets up, goes to her kisses her. She receives it with a certain disappointment he returns to the table” (48) John is trying to make Elizabeth happy, because he hurt her and he’s trying to make up for it...


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