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Sound of Thunder

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Canon Cabirac
Mr. St. Amont
English 9
14 November, 2012
Critical Response to A Sound of Thunder
The short story A Sound of Thunder offers a very interesting perspective. I enjoy it over Nethergrave because it seems more mature and well thought out. Through reading it, I was surprised by the depth of such a story and Bradbury’s explanations almost made the story believable!
I believe that every science fiction story should have several key characteristics. For example, they should include a seemingly crazy idea or setting that is not found in today’s world and be able to explain it in a believable way. They should also have realistic characters that would offer a different view into this odd world. The story should be thought provoking and interesting. Finally, the story needs to have character. It needs to either change or reveal something shocking and unexpected. I think that Mr. Bradbury’s book has all of these and it executed them better than many books.
One thing that amazed me and made me really like the book is how my expectations were completely flipped around. When I first started reading, I thought I was about to read some incredibly cheesy story about time travel and dinosaur hunting. Well, it was about time travel and dinosaur hunting but it seemed believable and understandable. As I read, I realized that if people possessed the capability to time travel, there would be a lot of interest of seeing/hunting incredibly strong and dangerous creatures that existed far before humans. My interest grew stronger through the explanation of how the smallest things could affect the future no matter how infinitesimal you think they are. This book only strengthens my belief that Bradbury is the Magus of Sci-fi.
I loved this short story and I found it very interesting. It also provides an important lesson. You don’t have to travel back in time to influence the future; you’re influencing it right now. This story shows that everything that you choose to do...


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