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"some people come into our lives ...leave footprints in our hearts ....and we're never the same" - Xmisfitsx310


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Sarah Dang
August 29, 2012
Period 7

Most Difficult Thing In My Life

“Challenge” it self means “Difficulty”, however, everyone in their life go through this

practice. Some people give up, while some of them just try hard to get out of it. It’s true

that every person, once in their life has to face certainty, but they are afraid from inside of

their heart to face it. But, you got to make your mind up and consider the fact. You got to

think how to prevail over this difficult time. To prove this piece of information, I will talk with

reference to my life. The most difficult thing, I ever have done in my life was that, I had to

face the truth about losing my love ones.

The first thing that was challenging in my life to accept was losing my dad. Well he

isn’t dead or anything like that, it’s just my parents been divorced since i was about four

years old. At first I couldn’t understand what was the reason why, I mean i was only four at

that time. Years passed as I got older each and every year, things became more complex

. By the time i was nine years old, they figured it was time to tell me the truth about why my

parents actually divorced. They told me that my mom cheated on my dad, and how my dad

used my mom to just migrated over to America. When I founded out the truth, I literally came

into tears. Ever since, those words are still stuck in my head till even now. Its traumatizing to

know that they would do each other wrong like that.   It has been about seven years since i

haven’t talked to my dad or even seen him. Yeah it hurts me deeply inside but I just have to

accept the fact that he isn’t in my life anymore. I know for a fact that i won’t ever see him

again. Each time I try to contact him, I always get nothing back. To be honest I feel

unwanted, ignored and not love by him. But life changes and it’s time to forget the past

because there is nothing that I could do to stop it. Growing up with...


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