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Students Should Be Required to Take Regular Standardized Testes to Prove That They Are Learning.

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Students should be required to take regular standardized testes to prove that they are learning.

To target the debate on the issue of students should take regular standardized tests during study, different view points should be considered. In fact, teachers and students greatly differ towards full support of it seeing not a single wrongdoing in their opinion, while others only see the shortcoming of this issue. Personally, I am totally convinced about student should take regular standardized tests during their study. Mainly, because they will study and review their lessons regularly, so that will be very useful for them. In the following few lines i am going to demonstrate my opinion in more details and examples.
On the one hand, the first benefit the students gain from taking tests regularly would be how to work under stress. For example, if the students take a test every week they would not be stressed in the final exams because he used to take a test every week. Further more they would be familiar with the format of the exam and the different types of questions.
Additionally, if the students spend more time in order to prepare for these regular tests, they would review their materials more than one time and that may help them to understand their subjects deeply.
Anther perspective agrees is that the standardized tests would help the students to improve their knowledge, get more effective ways to study and how they manage their time.
Finally, standardized tests are supposed to be helpful for logical thinking. For instance, when students don’t know the right choice they are able to carry out with test. It is so because some questions may contain the answers or the following question may be the answer on the previous. In that way students have to think logically.
In conclusion,   the regular standardized tests   are considered a very useful work for students to promote their knowledge and skills also it help teachers to find out the student's weaknesses.


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