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To Kill a Mocking Bird - 2

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The Outsiders
Alexandra MacDonald
The friendship between Dally and Johnny demonstrate the great strength friendship in the Greasers. After I finished reading the novel I realized that Dally and Johnny are very much alike.   They are both low educated, brave, and lacking in love.
From the novel, we can see Dally needs education, and so does Johnny. Dally never went to school, has a lot of files at the police station because he used to be arrested. He gets drunk, lies, cheats and steals. He does many bad things. Johnny does not go to school either. His family is poor, and his parents do not allow him to go to school, often beating and kicking him out. Second, Dally has spent his childhood on the street, and Johnny has too. When the other kids are studying in school, Dally is fighting with his gang. Johnny learns smoking and drinking but not reading and writing in the gang. Just like Ponyboy says, “Sixteen years on the streets you can learn a lot, but all the wrong things, not the things you want to learn. Sixteen years on the streets and you could see a lot, but all the wrong sights, not the sights you want to see.” Dally and Johnny has learnt a lot of bad things from the street. After Johnny hides from the cops with Ponyboy, he begins to like the book “Gone with the Wind” although he does not know anything about the Civil War and even less about plantations, and Ponyboy has to explain a lot of it to him.
In fact, when Greasers deal with their own problems, they become even braver as not fit to their ages, especially Dally and Johnny. First, when they hear the screams come out from the burning church, Johnny rushes into to rescue the poor kids. He does not think about himself that he might die or be injured, and he gives the first chance to Ponyboy by pushing him out of the window. Dally tries to drag Johnny and the other kids out of the window and he burns one arm pretty badly. Later they are reported in the paper as “he heroes”. Both Dally and Johnny are good...


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