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Fahrenheit 451 essay Caison Newton
In the modern time we live in, a full education is no longer needed and will therefore be “dumbed down” due to two different reasons. One is technology and the lack of the ability to reach all students effectively. These are the two reasons that our lives are changing everyday as well as changing our education.
The first reason education will be “dumbed down” is because of the lack of the ability to reach all students. Classes are getting more and more crowded year after year especially in over populated areas that do not have enough schools or classrooms to distribute students to. There are so many students in all of the classrooms that soon teachers will not help them all individually like some need it. There are also so many distractions in our society now that many kids are being distracted by these things.
Recently I have noticed that some kids in classrooms with a lot of students are able to slip under the “radar” because there are so many students. They get by without doing projects or reading required materials by cheating. This way they are getting through school without really learning anything but only doing enough to get by. Usually this is because the kids have a lack of interest in school. If teachers notice this in their students then they will usually contact the parents and they can get the student to become more interested by telling them what will happen to their life if they do not do well in school.
The second reason that school will be “dumbed down” is because of technology. Today we have smartphones, iPads, iPods, and tablets. Teachers will no longer have to teach every little detail of the subject because of the ability to have so much technology at your fingertips. You can Google anything you want and you will have pages and pages of results all on one subject of your choosing. This makes the need to know all the information about something useless. Say you are a chef; you will no longer...


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