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Is Christmas a Religious Event or Retail Event

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Rem Vanderbeek
Com 120

The Grinch who loves Jesus

Since when did x-mas become a SALE!

Is Christmas a religious event? Or a retail event? People are often seen wondering through malls many days before the birth of Christ, creeping around every corner looking for any sale they can find.  
The retail market licks their lips year after year as the days leading up to Christmas grow longer and the crowds grow larger.   More black Friday sales are starting Thursday and one opened Wednesday night!   Conglomerate corporations like Wal-Mart, BestBuy, and Target are making extraordinary amounts of money from the marketing and extra sale of merchandise in the days leading up to the Holiday.   It is impossible to watch television without mention of some Christmas sale of some sort not advertising for presents, some examples are automobile advertisements.   How many people buy a brand new car and then give it away?
There are no advertisements for celebration of our Lords birthday or discounts for good Samaritans shopping for the poor or the shelters, instead it’s a revolving door that goes around and around letting one retailer and a customer out and vies-versa.
People seem to think it is a cool thing to walk down 5th Ave and shop at Saks in NYC, go see the tree, and exchange presents. The month of December is about celebrating the Lords life, the life that he gave up for YOU the people and most seem to have forgotten that when it comes to the Christmas Holiday.   More prefer the social status gained for lawn lights and blown up reindeer.


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