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Lots Captivity and Rescue

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Kyle Conner
Bibles Lit

Lot’s Captivity and Rescue

In Genesis chapter 14 for the first time, patriarchal and secular history intertwines. (Kidner) When not looking in depth at this occurrence, it is simply an international power struggle to guarantee economic predominance by the control of a critical trade route. (Leupold) When looking in depth and spiritually, the incident serves as a commentary on Genesis chapter 13, and as favorable circumstance for instruction, both for Lot and Abram. It appears that Lot has learned very little, and we will mainly be focusing on his side of the story.
The first 11 verses of chapter 14 are a little confusing because they are oddly secular. Worse than that, they are remote, uninteresting, and tedious. They recount the power struggle between two opposing coalitions of kingdoms. The first section of nations was that of the four Mesopotamian kings of the east (14:2). Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, looks to have been dominant. Shinar was the region of ancient Babylon (10:10). The second alliance was made up of five kings, including the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah (14:2).
Following 12 long years as vassals of the four eastern kings, the five southern kings attempted to throw off their shackles. The eastern kings could not allow a rebellion of the like to go unpunished. This revolt did not continue unnoticed by others in the same plight (14:5-7). The economic results of ignoring the insurrection were too devastating to think seriously about.. The five southern kings controlled to the territory through which the ‘way of the kings’ passed. (Leupold) This was the land bridge through which commerce between Egypt and the four eastern kingdoms must pass. Whoever controlled this land bridge held a monopoly on international trade.
First off, the route of the conquest seems to be the ‘way of the kings,’ the trade route which the Mesopotamian kings looked to safeguard. (Stigers) The rebellion of the five southern kings may...


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