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Jaw Crusher's Toggle Plate Can Adjust the Discharge Gate Size

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Jaw crusher installation and commissioning:

Appropriate adjustment of the spring tension, the tension of the spring in order to be able to 1, in adjustment before the jaw crusher sent spout, should release the tension spring, to be a good adjustment to eliminate the noise between the bracket and the bracket pad easy to fall off when the work is appropriate and brackets.

2, co-ordination and management of the jaw crusher and other crushing equipment, is conducive to production and is conducive to pipeline operations to ensure that the working surface without congestion.

3, the first human moving pulley, confirm the exercise unhindered empty test can be carried out, within two hours no impact, noise, seal oil spills and pulley swing axis between loose and other phenomena. Bearing temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, found fault must be immediately stopped and checked.

4, in order to facilitate the transport of the raw materials finished, the best access to material the use of mechanized transportation equipment.

5, jaw crusher before the trial, tighten the screw and coupling parts, check lubrication.

User load test needs ten hours, and times hard ore.

Jaw crusher installed in place of rain, not exposed to the weather.

Jaw crusher machine motor to be installed in the rear of the jaw crusher, the direction of rotation must be in accordance with the requirements made​​, not the reverse.

9, jaw crusher machine should be firmly set in the concrete floor, foundation leaving a row of the mine shafts, the slope of not less than 50 degrees. Basic time users feeder and transport equipment.
Jaw crusher installed the flywheel jaw crusher is intermittent, stroke and return power consumption varies widely, causing the load and speed fluctuations. Inertial force caused by the changes in this rate movement the vice by additional dynamic pressure, reducing mechanical efficiency and reliability, and other such cyclical fluctuations cause elastic...


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