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Introduction of Turtle

Figure 1 Green Turtle
Four species of marine turtles commonly found in Malaysia: Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill, and Olive ridley turtles. They travelled in a great distance of the sea and come on land only to nest. Unfortunately, the number of marine turtles in most places has declined and some populations are on the brink of extinction. In fact, female turtles lay hundreds of eggs on each nesting season but only a few young survive into their first year. Predators like crabs, monitor lizards and birds eat their eggs or prey on hatchlings as they make their way out to sea. In the shallows, many more hatchlings are eaten by fish. When humans harvest turtle eggs, disturb or degrade nesting beaches, the young turtles’ chances for survival become nearly impossible.
Loss of nesting and feeding habitats, excessive egg-collection, fishery-related activities, pollutions, and coastal development gave them a great negative impact and at the same time, being threatened. Turtles that survive take decades to reach maturity and start breeding. Effective conservation means protecting turtles at all stages of their life cycle at the same time, overcome this type of problem.

Profile: Turtle
Common Name | Marine turtles (English), Penyu (Bahasa Malaysia) |
Scientific Name | Cheloniidae / Dermochelyidae families |
Habitat | Open and coastal waters, sandy beaches and islands |
Status (IUCN) | Endangered - Olive ridley & Green turtles Critically endangered - Hawksbill & Leatherback turtles |

Related Species
                Hawksbill turtle             Olive Ridleys turtle


                  Green turtle Leatherback turtle
Projects for Turtle’s Conservation

Nesting Habitat and Egg Protection
  * Facilitate the establishment and strengthening of protected habitats (nesting,...


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