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Canadian Identity

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Canadian identity is important because it involves our culture, history, and identity of us as Canadians. A lot of important things like how Canada became multicultural, how Canada grew from when if first became a country to now, and all our national symbols like the beaver.
        Official multiculturalism was a great thing that happened for Canada. It gave us more culture and languages from when we were just French and English. Especially when the British tried to make it a “Good British colony”. It also gave us a wide view of religions and cultural traditions. This important to Canada because it defines who they are as Canadians. Having more culture and languages gives Canada a larger variety of National identity.
        Greatest Canadians are people who made a difference in Canada like star athletes, priministers, and political hero’s. John A. Macdonald was a Canadian priminister who helped get the French their equal rights. Tommie Douglas brought health care to Canada. Terry Fox tried to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. And a lot of other people like Jim Carry and Cameron Diaz.
          National Symbols are a big part of our Canadian identity. Like the maple leaf, the Canadian anthem, the beaver, the Canadian goose, and the Canadian flag the list goes on. These things are important if describes our national identity whether it’s actually true or just a stereotype if gives different people different views on who we are some think we liv in igloos and others think we say aboot and not about. That makes our Canadian identity
          I think cultural/educational institutions have the biggest positive influence on Canadian identity. It gives different cultures a chance to study their cultures if they didn’t know about it before.


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