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Cnn V. Fox

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The two articles presented by CNN and FOX relate the same information but are presented in different perspectives. CNN’s article leans more liberal and appeals more to Democrats than FOX’s conservative article that appeals more to Republicans. CNN and FOX support arguments made by leaders. CNN states, “Polls consistently show the public favors Obama’s position of raising taxes on wealthy Americans in order to minimize cuts.” FOX states, “The latest Fox News poll shows 61 percent of voters say major spending cuts are necessary to reduce the deficit.” Obviously, CNN uses the poll, which most likely includes liberals, to back up the Democrats, while FOX uses its poll, which most likely includes conservatives, to back up the Republicans. CNN omits polls that do not favor Democrats and FOX omits polls that do not favor Republicans. Not only are polls omitted, much of the arguments made by the Democrats are left out of FOX’s article and vice versa with CNN. The two stories might have different impacts on their readers; CNN’s readers might be convinced to agree with the Democrat’s ideas and arguments, while FOX’s readers might be convinced to agree with the Republicans or more conservative ideas and arguments based on the facts presented pertaining to the fiscal cliff. CNN and FOX only include information that will appeal to their readers, liberals or conservatives, and omit evidence or facts, such as the polls in this case, that go against their arguments. Overall, CNN and FOX have to appeal to their readers.


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