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Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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Some people prefer to make promises before implementing them; others prefer to make actions instead of talking about them.   However, some people reckon that great talkers are little doers, my experience are against them. From my point of view, words are more effective to make others happy.   First of all, all people whether they are poor or wealthy, are able to use them; furthermore words can be usable at any time.
First and foremost, all people whether they are poor or wealthy, are able to use them. Since a number of people cannot afford some actions, they are not able to turn them reality. As a result, they cannot help their relatives, friends or acquaintances to become happy. Nevertheless, whether they are poor or rich, they can gladden others only with the help of words. To illustrate, a few month ago my I was thinking to visit to Germany for my vacation. Thanks to my bad financial situation, I could not to realize it in practice and I was very frustrated. After talking with my close friends, I perceived the core of my situation in which I seemingly made a very hasty decision. Notwithstanding, my friends were not able to realize my wish, their words made me look at my position from another angle. It was apparently words that caused me to forget that event and consider other possible preferences for my vacation.
Another important point is that words can be usable at any time. Owing to the fact that there are numerous do’s and don’ts in life, it is almost impossible to show our will in action. To be more precise, our destination s and our ages hamper us to help others with the help of actions. Hence, we cannot frequently demonstrate our intentions in the right time or right place. As an example, during my childhood years I was living with my grandfather. While there was a huge gap between our ages, we were like best friends. When I was seven, my father underwent a bad illness. Doctors ordered that it was imperative to send my granddad to a foreign country for...


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