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How Dewey Solve the Problem of Facts and Values

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The distinction between human and animal in terms of memory would be tradition. Human are social where animals are not and the features of their tradition are justice, freedom, friendship, and piety. Human mind actively follow these traditional feature where the animal don’t and that makes the distinction between the human and animal minds. Although both human and animal have memory with the ability of gather experiences and store them for feature, however only human remember significant knowledge of experiences, which are the legends and traditions. These would come into a gradual problem with increasing knowledge of matter of facts, as life goes along from traditional values. There is also a contrast between values and facts which will make a separation to show the relationship between both, and in this process to show the contrast and relation will bring a problem. . So, the main problem that Dewey tries to solve in the book Reconstruction in Philosophy is the separation in traditional facts and values in the human mind.

The main change in tradition is the modern facts that Dewey talks about in chapter two the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution is to change the human power to machine power, farm land to capital, and farm to factory. Now this new change will give us a new thinking which will cause a problem too, because new thinking leads to change and changing experiences promote further new thinking. Now what is the plan that Dewey makes to solve the problem? Well, at first two chapter of the book he talks about the problem of philosophy which is the change of traditional values and facts. However, from chapter three to six he talks about science, because he tries to solve the problem with the help of the best tool of modern society and the tool is science. He chose science to solve this problem of values and facts, because it is a tremendously successful way of thinking about anything new. However he can’t just use science as a tool without...


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