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The Structure Features of Stone Crusher

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1. The turntable in crusher throw materials with high speed, the outer drum reverse rotation with high speed , so that the material receives impact, conflict, such as cut-and-counterattack function. Which the material within the crusher are crushed by strong impact. Materials in the crusher receive the impact force from simplified inner wall and then are rebounded, and they meet with the subsequent high-speed materials  and make high-speed collision, finally achieving the real “material hit material” to reduce energy consumption effectively.
2 Crusher adopts inner rotary screen for coarse, fine powder automatic separation, the separated fine powder material is discharged through the feed opening, the coarse particles in the centrifugal force  climb the lower part of lining along the ramp shaped sieve surface, continue to accept the material hit. In this way, both to avoid that this part of the fines materials are over crushed by gravel equipment, and reduce the burden as well as unnecessary energy loss.
3. Part of the material under the effect of centrifugal force in the crusher paste formed pad on the outer drum lining, so that the lining can get good protection, thereby reducing the wear and tear of wearing parts, extended service life.
4. Blow hammer plate adopts mechanical clamping structure to firmly fix on the inner dial, the rotor part of the dynamic balance performance is easy to control. The rotation has a great moment of inertia, to crush the hard materials.
5. Rack portion of the crusher is one-third body structure, open the crusher equipment side cabinet, you can carry out repair and maintenance jobs. Spare parts are easy to replace, and a corresponding maintenance costs is lower..
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