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Compare and Contrast the Domestic Policies of Two Rulers of Single Party States, Each Chosen from a Different Region.

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Lilian Nguyen
Block 4
IB World History
Final FRQs

Compare and contrast the domestic policies of two rulers of single party states, each chosen from a different region.

    The beginning of the 20th century provided the rise of powerful leaders of single party states. Leaders such as Stalin and Mao ruled over Russia and China and effectively made their rule known not only to other countries, but its own people as well. Although both Stalin and Mao utilized self-promoting propaganda, Mao endorsed a policy of social reform whereas Stalin did not.
      Both Stalin and Mao utilized self-promoting propaganda to generate populist enthusiasm in both Russia and China. To begin, both Stalin and Mao had a cult of personality. For example, according to Pavel Litvinov, the Russian people believed he was an absolutely perfect individual and he always had Russia’s people in his mind and according to Michael Lynch, Mao . This shows that both leaders were seen as godlike figures that were going to fix all the problems in the state. In addition, both leaders encouraged glorification of themselves. The Chinese people all owned little red books that included Mao’s quotes and paintings that promoted Stalin were present all over Russia. In addition, both leaders utilized songs to indoctrinate the idea of their rule to all people through their lyrics. For example, Stalin allowed songs such as The Party is Always Right   by Louis Fuernberg and Thank you, Great Leader by L.Oshanin in 1948 to circulate in Russia, and Mao allowed songs such as Our Great Leader Mao Tse-Tung and Long Live Chairman Mao by an unknown Chinese artist. This shows that both Stalin and Mao had control over the media and its circulation and used multiple forms of media to put them in the best light to the people. Both leaders usage of their cult of personality helped masked their domestic cruelties and effectively kept public support behind them even when their policies were deemed to be too harsh....


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