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Sierra Hancock   (21755031)   Exam number (986097)

1. A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life.       You should always be careful to avoid overexposure to the sun at the beach.
2. Mispelled words, improper punctuation, correct form of the word , and tense agreement.
3. A trite, obvious, or common characteristic of something.                                   You could solve your problem by facing it now.          
4. brainstorming: jotting down thought and ideas about a topic before wrighting.       Ideal web: creating lists or webs of related words and ideas in order to organize your thoughts before wrighting.
5. How to make my favorite sandwitch. I take two pieces of   white bread out of the wrapper , and place them on a plate. I get my turky out of the fridge take two pieces, and lay it on   one piece of the bread. I get cheese and unwrap it from the plastic, and place it on the meat. I then   get a knife and some mayo. Scooping the mayo with the knife, and spreading it onto the bread. Last but not least i put that piece of bread on with the rest of my sandwitch, and that's how i make my favorite kind of sandwitch.
6. Advances in technology is making people less social because, Theres texting noone ever picks up the phone anymore and gives anyone a call. People not wanting to leave the house because there scared they will miss their favorite tv episoide. The only way you know if anyone is okay or alive anymore is threw social networks. To many kids spend all day and night sitting in one place,   just so they can play a game. Its reasons like this technolgy is ruining society, because noone every associates anymore .


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