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Canadian Unity Vs. Quebec Separatism

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Canadian Unity Vs. Quebec Separatism 

For decades, a separatist movement in Quebec has tainted Canadian politics with a sense of bad blood.In many ways, Quebec is already like a separate country from the rest of Canada. They speak French 60% of the time, they sometimes eat different foods compared to the rest of Canada and... thats about it.     Really, that is it.   They still play hockey as much as the rest of Canada, have crime, pollution, spouses who cheat, children that disobey their parents, people who are rude and politicians that cheat and steal from the taxpayer.The more people try to claim "Quebec is a distinct society", the more people realize its really quite similar to the rest of Canada. Its not distinct, its just unique.Just like Ontario is unique or the Yukon.After all, there is no other Quebec anywhere in the world. Its the only one, and therefore it is unique.Quebec is not the only province in Canada that speaks French either. If you go to New Brunswick or northern Ontario, most of the people speak French as well.And French isn't the only language in Canada that is spoken primarily in certain areas.Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia speaks 90% Scottish Gaelic. Indeed, Scotland doesn't even speak Scottish Gaelic that much anymore, so that makes Cape Breton Island truly unique, because it is the ONLY large area in the whole world that still speaks Scottish Gaelic (there are a couple islands and spots in Northern Scotland that still speak Scottish Gaelic).Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. It has the highest diversity and highest percentages of different cultural backgrounds than any where else in the world. Its like a New Jerusalem, where everyone is welcome.Languages are extremely important in Canada, and you don't realize why until you see the statistics.Canada has two official languages, English (59.3%) and French (23.2%). The remaining 17.5% speak a different language as their First language. Of that 17.5%, the other languages...


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